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You have the option to wear a comfortable all-black outfit or your school uniform. Although, it's not mandatory, you can also buy a branded T-shirt from a third-party company if you wish.

What do members wear to session?

We handle situations on a case-by-case basis. Generally, we don't allow parents to watch for safeguarding reasons. However, we understand that every circumstance is unique, so please don't hesitate to discuss your situation with us.

I am a Parent/Carer of a member, can I watch a session?

The Habbit Factory welcomes everyone and has a devoted team committed to supporting everyone to the best of our ability.

My child has a SEN. are they allowed to take part?

To comply with our safeguarding and health and safety regulations, all members are required to complete a signup process. Starting the process is quick and easy. Please contact us to get started.

Can I just turn up to a session and start?

Our services are free of charge to access. However, to sustain our efforts, we recommend a monthly donation of £15.

How do we pay?

We provide numerous volunteer opportunities that don't involve singing, dancing, or any particular expertise. Please visit our Volunteering page to learn more.

I want to volunteer but can’t act sing or dance?

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