The Habbit Factory

Twice Upon a Time

On April 9,10 and 11th we will be performing our yearly production at the Queens theatre in hornchurch. "Twice upon a time" is an original story written by the Blue Tees based on ideas from our members. The story is set in the land of "Not so far away" with all evil fairy-tale creatures banished from the town centre because of their crimes. The Magic ring is stolen and taken up the beanstalk. Will the good guys get the ring back or will the bad guys get their happy ever after? To book your tickets please contact the Queen's theatre.

The script was 55 pages long with over 100 characters involved. We had two performances. The Whybridge and Abbs group was on Saturday 16th January 19:00. The following day being performed by the Myplace cast 16:00. Both casts however got the pleasure of being at the theatre for the whole day with rehearsals taking place. The Saturday had 86 cast members while the Sunday had 87. This was by far the biggest event we have ever done.