The Habbit Factory

Magic of the Musicals

Our previous shows were performed at Myplace and local school halls, but this time around we wanted to take a step towards a bigger and better venue. Our last show was performed to a sellout audience of 200 so after much discussion the Blue T's agreed it was time to take on The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch. This was the first time The Habbit Factory had appeared in a professional theatre so it really was a leap of faith to see if we were up to the task. The Queens Theatre seats 500 people and is located at the heart of the town-centre. Opened in 1975, the theatre has been host to many kinds of different professional performances and performers, and we’d like to think that The Habbit Factory fitted in perfectly well.
For the first time our members got to experience performing in a professional space using high-tech equipment such a radio microphones, back drops and quality lighting. The theatre was the perfect venue to help create Magic of the Musicals, one of our best shows ever.
Magic of the musicals was an original piece written by the Blue T's. It took us on a journey through various musicals with a storyline connecting each scene. From start to finish the Blue T’s are involved in the whole performance process in every show that we perform, as are our members who have a wonderfully creative and expressive input. When discussing Magic of the Musicals they came up with the idea to show this process within the performance. We couldn’t have the children playing all 25 of the Blue T's, that would have been a theatrical nightmare, so instead we chose 5 of the Blue T’s to be represented by our young cast members and from that, Magic of the Musicals was born. The audience got to see their good and not so good traits along with common phrases as the young performers mimicked the Blue T’s to a T (pardon the pun).
The young T’s were the main thread of the performance as they linked each vibrant, colourful and musical scene together delivering a lasting and memorable production that stirred all the senses.
As the final curtain fell on the Sunday performance, everyone involved in the whole process knew that they had been part of something very special.

The script was 55 pages long with over 100 characters involved. We had two performances. The Whybridge and Abbs group was on Saturday 16th January 19:00. The following day being performed by the Myplace cast 16:00. Both casts however got the pleasure of being at the theatre for the whole day with rehearsals taking place. The Saturday had 86 cast members while the Sunday had 87. This was by far the biggest event we have ever done.